England win from the penalty spot against Morocco

Samir Bara attemps to save a penalty shoot from England.

England (2) 1-1 (1) Morocco

Starting players England: 1- Malpas (GK), 4- Seal, 5- English, 7- Coleman, 8- Harris

Starting players Morocco: 30- Bara (GK), 4- Berka, 5- Sidky, 8- Otmane, 9- Zouhair

England finished in the 7th place at the BLind Football World Cup of Madrid, after beating Morocco from the penalty spot with a 2-1 result. With a 1-1 draw, after the goals from Zouhair and Coleman, the match got decided with a penalty shoot-out, after Hattab failed a double penalty a minute before the end of the match.