Brazil lifts the Blind Football World Cup

The players from the Brazilian national team celebrate the victory.

Brazil 2-0 Argentina

Starting players Brazil: 1- Luan (GK), 4- Gledson, 5- Cassio, 7- ‘Jefinho’, 10- ‘Ricardinho’

Starting players Argentina: 12- Muleck (GK), 2- Deldo, 3- Accardi, 4- Padilla, 10- Peralta

The national team of Brazil achieved the Blind Football World Cup trophy after beating Argentina with a 2-0 result at the big final of the championships. With goals from ‘Ricadinho’ and Nonato, the Brazilian national team won their fifth World Cup, after a serie of outstanding performances during the whole tournament in Madrid.

In a very tough match for both teams, Luan became a capital player for Brazil, saving the team from a different result against this Brazilian team. For Argentina the saves of the Brazilian goalkeeper were crucial to avoid a possible win of ‘the bats‘.