Spain gets the fifth position at the World Cup

Adolfo Acosta hugs Sergio Alamar after the victory against Colombia.

Spain 4-1 Colombia

Starting players Spain: 1- Gutiérrez (GK), 4- Muñoz, 9- Martín, 10- El Haddaoui, 14- López

Starting players Colombia: 1- Correa (GK), 3- Pinilla, 9- J. González, 10- J.D. Pérez, 13- J. Hernández

With goals from El Haddaoui, Antonio Martín, Adolfo Acosta and Ivan Alonso, Spain achieved the 5th position after beating Colombia with a 4-1 result. Juan David Perez, from the double-penalty spot, scored the lonely goal for the Colombian squad. For the Spanish national team it was an excellen performance, despite the injury of Pedro Gutiérrez.